Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery

The Gallery offers schools an imaginative and magical educational experience. Aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2, the interactive displays encourage pupils to investigate history, natural history, science and technology through practical hands on activities relating to museum objects.

A typical 90-minute teaching session includes:

  • Introduction to Dahl’s stories, his life, how he wrote his stories and where he got his fantastic ideas from.
  • Hear all about the disgusterous Twits in their filthy upside down room.
  • Act out the scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where poor Augustus Gloop gets stuck in the bubble tube.
  • Investigate underground treasures by crawling through Fantastic Mr Fox’s Tunnel.
  • Discover the world of minibeasts inside James’s Giant Peach.
  • Explore sound with the BFG.
  • Baffle your brains and boggle your eyes with optical illusions.
  • Your group being shrunk by Mr Wonka’s Chocolate Television Machine just like Mike Teevee. (and if you are really lucky, you or another grown up may be fed to the Enormous Crocodile!)