Plan your Visit

Do you provide schools with risk assessments?

We recommend  that you make a pre visit so you are familiar with the site and any potential risks and complete your own risk assessments. So you can produce your own risk assessments, we provide free entry into the Gallery for teachers who have booked a visit. Click here for risk assessment guidance.

What if we need to change our booking?

If you need to change any details of your trip please contact the Learning Team, on 01296 325232 or so we can discuss your needs. In most cases we will amend your booking form and send you an updated copy if necessary. Occasionally an administration charge may apply.

What if we need to cancel our booking?

There is a cancellation fee. If you cancel 10 working days or more before your visit you will be billed the minimum charge for the visit you have booked. If you cancel up to 5 working days before your visit you will be charged for your full booking.

Can our class visit the shop?

Yes. Please make sure your pupils visit the shop in small groups with an accompanying adult. We also offer Goody Bags for schools as there is not always enough time to visit the Museum shop, especially if you have booked an all day visit. Goody Bags must be ordered at least one week in advance and can be added on to your invoice.

Do the workshop costs include VAT?

No – all the workshops are exempt from VAT.

Do the goody bag costs include VAT?

Yes – VAT is included in the prices on the order form. Books are exempt from VAT.

Can you invoice us for our visit?

Yes. We count how many pupils and adults you bring on the day and then send you the invoice after the visit. Schools can also pay by cheque made payable to Buckinghamshire County Museum, by cash on the day.

The Coach and Mini Buses

Where should the coach drop us off?

There is a designated coach drop-off point on Oxford Road. Please give a copy of the map on page 19 to your Coach Company and/or driver. On the day, please make sure they are bringing your group to Aylesbury, and that they haven’t confused us with the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre in Great Missenden.

How far from the Museum is the coach drop off point?

It is a 5 minute walk from the coach drop off point to the Museum. There are no roads to cross as the route takes you through St Mary’s Church yard. This is shown as the blue arrows on the map on page 19.
Please note the following hazards for your own risk assessments: the route has cobbles which may be a slip hazard when wet and are possibly a trip hazard. There may be cars parking in the Church yard.

Where should the coach park?

Please do not park in the drop off point. Coaches are to drop off and pick up from here only. Your coach company must make their own arrangements to park elsewhere. Cark parks are shown on the map on the page 19. For more information call 01296 585381, email visit:

Why can’t the coach drop us off in front of the Museum?

Coaches are unable to drop off students outside the Museum, as the streets are too narrow, and there is not enough space for them to turn. The Museum is only a 5-minute walk from the coach drop off point and there are no roads to cross.

Where can we park our mini bus during the visit?

If you have a disabled badge, there is limited parking in front of the Museum – but we cannot guarantee the availability of a space. Otherwise, you will need to park in one of the town centre car parks shown on the map on page 19.

For more information call 01296 585381, email visit:
Coach drivers need to make their own arrangements for parking.

On the Day

Can we eat lunch at the Museum?

Yes. We have lunch rooms that can be reserved free of charge at time of booking. They are large, bright, safe rooms with their own toilets. You can use them as your base for the day and leave all coats, bags and lunches there during teaching sessions. If the weather is good you are also welcome to use our walled garden, although we ask that your group do not use the cafe area as this is reserved for our other visitors.

Do we have to share the lunch room?

If another school is booked in on the same day as you, you will have to share the lunch room. You have clearly defined spaces, with mats for the pupils to sit on and chairs for the adults. You will also have dump bins in which to store your lunches and coats. By sharing the lunch room, you help us keep our costs down.

We would rather not share the lunchroom – is there a private lunch room?

Yes, but there is an additional charge: £80 for a half day, £150 for the full day.

Can we have tables and chairs in the lunchroom?

Yes, if you book them. We do not charge you for the lunch room if you have mats for your pupils to sit and eat their lunch on. This set up is easier for the Museum Team to maintain to a high standard. If you wish to have tables and chairs for your pupils to eat at, please mention this when booking. As this will take more time to clean, there will be an additional charge: £80 for a half day, £150 for the full day.

Is there anywhere for our pupils to have a run around at lunchtime?

Yes. If the weather is good you are more than welcome to use our garden, but please be mindful of other visitors and remind the children that it isn’t the same as a playground space. You can also eat your lunches outside if you wish. We would ask that the pupils do not sit on the café tables and chairs as they are meant for café customers.

What can I do to ensure the day runs smoothly?

Please don’t be late! Aim to arrive as early as you can. Of course it can happen, so please make sure you have the Learning Team’s phone number (01296 325232) in your mobile phone so you can contact us if you are going to be late and we can try and rearrange the timings of your visit to ensure your pupils still get the most possible out of the day. If you are late for the start of a session, it is likely to shorten the workshop/craft, as we have other schools and events to consider on any given day.

How accessible is the site?

Visitors in wheelchairs can access all areas of the Museum by lifts or a chair lift. Due to our evacuation procedure which involves use of an Evac-chair, we are able to have one wheelchair user upstairs in the Museum and the Gallery at any time.

Who is responsible for the group’s supervision and behaviour?

Teachers are responsible for the behaviour and general health and safety of their pupils and accompanying adults during the entirety of the visit to the Museum. Teachers and accompanying adults should remain with their pupils at all times for their health and safety, and accompany them in case of an evacuation. We may ask you, as the accompanying adults, to intervene at any time on our behalf,  if your children’s behaviour is preventing us from leading the workshop/craft effectively, or if it is having an adverse effect upon any aspect of the Museum site at any time during your visit, including lunch times. Please read the Terms and Conditions of our Group and School Visits that are sent to you with your booking form, for further information.

What will happen if the site needs to be evacuated?

A loud, continuous alarm will be used to alert staff and visitors of the need to evacuate the building. An automatic call is put through to the fire brigade for attendance. Teachers and staff accompanying the school should gather their pupils and meet at the assembly point at the back of the garden, by the back gate. At the assembly point teachers should take the register and report any missing persons to the Museum staff.

Are any members of the museum staff first aid trained?

There is always a trained first aider on site, but we cannot guarantee that one of the Learning team will be first aid trained. We always recommend that you bring your own first aider and first aid kit.

Any Further Questions?

Contact the Learning Team on 01296 325232 or we will be happy to help.