Easter in the Stuart Household

Date: Sun 21 Apr 2019
Time: 11am-4pm
Price: Entry by donation

Come and help the Stuart Household celebrate Easter in the early 1600’s when James I is about to become King of England – help the household members and their servants prepare the household and get ready for their Feast.

The Master of the house – Thomas Heywood, merchant of the town, will be trying to reconcile both his business and household accounts – Easter brings many of its own expenses, especially after 6 weeks of Lenten fast: his wife and housekeeper have been busy ordering all the meat and dairy provisions – visitors can help Master Heywood keep his accounts up to date.  Ask about the quarter days when quarterly wages are paid….and rents are due!

The Housekeeper – Jane Glover will be demonstrating her many and practised stillroom skills: herbs for hygiene and health, making pastille’s and simple ointments. She will show simple soaps made from tallow and lye and discuss perfumed waters and cosmetics for the lady of the house, all in readiness for Easter.

The Cook – Ann Holder will be looking for help in thinking of ways to make the Easter day feast more special than last year.  As Lent is over, butter can be made!  Help Ann make some sweetmeats using a spice that only the wealthy can afford: sugar.  There are also some simple household tasks that will need doing such as pewter cleaning and laying the table.