Meet a Medical Detection Dog

Thu 09 Aug 2018
Time: 11am - 12noon
Price: Entry by donation

Wonder Dogs: dogs that change people’s lives is an inspiring exhibition that celebrates the amazing and life-changing work of assistance dogs. These dogs work with people with a range of disabilities and medical conditions and help them to overcome daily challenges and lead full lives.

In the UK, there are eight accredited assistance dog charities with over 7,000 active working dogs and this exhibition looks at four of them.

Dogs for Good which improves the lives of people with physical disabilities and children with autism. Guide Dogs for the Blind which is the most well-known and longest running of the charities, enabling people with vision impairments lead full lives. Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, based in Saunderton, Bucks, changes the lives of adults and children with hearing impairments. Medical Detection Dogs, based in Great Horwoord, Bucks, keeps people with complex medical conditions safe.

The four charities featured in the exhibition will bring their own Wonder Dogs and owners to the museum for you to meet and find out more about the life-changing work and brilliant things these amazing dogs do.

Places are limited so please reserve your space to Meet a Medical Detection Dog using the reservation form below. 

We have the following Meet the Wonder Dog sessions available:
Meet a Medical Detection Dog: Thursday 9 August, 11am – 12noon
Meet a Guide Dog: Thursday 16 August, 11am – 12noon
Meet a Dogs for Good Assistance Dog: Thursday 23 August, 11am – 12noon
Meet a Hearing Dog: Thursday 30 August, 11am – 12noon

Wonder Dogs runs until 29 September 2018.
The events are free but admission to the museum is by donation.

This event is no longer bookable