Elisabeth Frink : sculpture, drawings, prints

Date: Sat 10 Feb 2018 - Sat 21 Apr 2018
Time: 12 am

Elisabeth Frink : sculpture, drawings, prints

10 February – 21 April 2018

A fabulous opportunity to see work by the famous 20th century artist, Elisabeth Frink in this exhibition of sculpture, drawings and prints.

The idea for the exhibition came from the iconic and well known bronze life-sized sculpture of a black horse outside Lloyds Bank in Milton Keynes, commissioned in 1978 as part of a major public art scheme. The exhibition commemorates the 25th anniversary of Frink’s death in 1993 and the 40th anniversary of the Lloyds’ commission.

Elisabeth Frink’s early influences growing up in Suffolk near a military airfield during the Second World War, her strong belief in human rights and her devotion to themes associated with nature all helped to shape her work which often explored masculine strength and aggression and the innate characters of animals and birds.

Themes of Horses, Heads, Human Figures, Animals and Birds will be explored through magnificent bronze sculpture, print and drawings. Pieces are being loaned from the Ingram Collection of Modern British Art, the Lightbox in Woking, the Sladmore Gallery in London and private collections. Highlights include a Riace III figure, a 2 metre tall bronze warrior which will dominate the gallery, a Goggle Head, an Easter Head, an Eagle Lectern and many original drawings including Warrior Birds and Horse and Rider.

Entry to the exhibition – By Donation