Discover Bucks objects

We are very excited about our Discover Bucks New Galleries Project underway here at Bucks County Museum.

For the first time in 25 years we are completely re-displaying our permanent galleries to better reflect the quality of the Museum’s collections and the increasing diversity of our audiences. In doing so, we aim to greatly improve the visitor experience, making Bucks County Museum a must-see attraction in Aylesbury and the wider region.

One of our new galleries will focus on ‘Bucks People’, with four main themes:

  • Celebration
  • At Home
  • On the Move
  • In Hard Times

We would like this gallery to be as representative as possible: to reflect the lives and experiences of a wide variety of people living and working in Bucks today. To achieve this we reached out to communities across the county, who responded by donating their precious objects reflecting their every day lives. Some of which you will see on display in our new galleries when they open next Spring/Summer 2021.

To give you a taster of what we have in store, here are just some of the wonderful objects and stories in the Museum’s existing collection that will be included in our new displays:

A striking headdress worn by a performer during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. Buckinghamshire is the birthplace of the Paralympic movement – Dr Ludwig Guttmann, a German immigrant fleeing Nazi persecution, worked at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and pioneered the use of sport to rehabilitate his spinal injury patients after the war.


Emma Prill, donated a wonderful piece called LGBTrees which was part of our CommUnity Voices exhibition in 2019, please see her blog for more information.


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