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We need your help!

Help us make our brand new galleries a reality at Bucks County Museum

Bucks Museum is creating 5 brand new galleries to tell the story of people and landscapes in Bucks from 200 million years to today. The majority of the £1,000,000 costs have been raised from Trusts and Foundations, but we need your help to raise a target of £50,000 through exciting gallery sponsorship opportunities.

The Galleries

Discover Bucks Geology – discover the rocks that formed Bucks, prehistoric sea monsters, fossils and minerals, the Bucks dinosaur claw and huge Ice Age animals that once roamed this area.

Discover Bucks Archaeology – discover fascinating objects from the past including a stunning Bronze age sword, Roman finds, Saxon jewellery, the skeleton of the Aston Clinton ‘Princess’ noblewoman, medieval treasure and spectacular new display of the Lenborough coin hoard.

Discover Bucks People – discover the stories and objects of Bucks people, rich and poor, at home, celebrating, at work, on the move and from different communities. Discover beautiful costume displays from the past to present.

Discover Bucks Art – discover Bucks art and artists, including John and Paul Nash, John Piper, Samuel Palmer and contemporary artists such as Laura Boswell. Discover art inspired by the magnificent Stowe landscape gardens and the Stowe statues of the Anglo-Saxon gods, Mona and Friga.

Discover Bucks Wildlife – discover the familiar, weird, wonderful and diverse animals and plants from the Bucks countryside, including mammals, birds of prey, garden birds, beautiful insects and Aylesbury ducks.


Sponsor a Gallery

From £100 for a family or group

From £50 for an individual

We welcome donations of any amount.


Specialist Gallery Purchases

£10,000 + buys a special showcase to display artefacts

£5000 – buys graphics to tell the story of the gallery

£2500 – buys decoration

£1000 – buys a screen to tell stories about the objects

If you would like to discuss a large donation, please email Sue Shave on

Your donation will make a big difference


What you get for your gallery sponsorship and donation of £50+:

  • Your name / family name acknowledged in the museum
  • Your name on the website sponsor page
  • Invite to the launch events
  • Email updates on Discover Bucks Galleries progress


Key items to be displayed in the new galleries

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