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My name is Emma Prill; a local artist; a transgender woman and owner of the company ‘Dresses and Pints’. Dresses and Pints is a place where I produce and sell my art work.

This is a print of my piece, LGBTrees. The idea came from two angles; one, I felt like I wanted to do a piece which represented the LGBTQ community (which I am a part of); and two, I wanted something that was amusing, like a play on words.

According to others I’m funny and make people laugh and I hope my personality shows in my artwork LGBTrees. Just because a piece is LGBTQ related doesn’t mean it has to be serious, or doom and gloom, LGBTrees is fun, is colour, it’s whatever you want it to be!

In fact I donated an LGBTrees print after a meeting with the Bucks County Museum who are keen to work with the LGBTQ community to tell a representative story of Buckinghamshire which includes all communities. The museum wish to hold LGBTQ events and collect objects to tell LGBTQ stories and LGBTrees represents me.

Aside from this one I have donated to the museum, 50% profit of all other prints I sell (whether the limited run A3 version or smaller A4 prints) will be donated to Stonewall, the largest LGBT rights organisation in the UK and Europe (check out my Etsy site for more information).

The museum director Sue and the Community Outreach Officer, Siemma want to speak to more members of the LGBTQ community like me to help with future projects or just to give feedback on what the museum can do to spread awareness and support for those in the LGBTQ community.

Before meeting Sue and Siemma I’d never really associated museums with the LGBTQ community. In my head one is very institutional whilst the other is nearer the fringes of society, though far less so than it used to be. What the Bucks County Museum is looking to do is really bring these two seemingly unlikely partners together. I think the fact that museums are such an institution is exactly why this will work so well and be such a great way of educating and engaging people who have had no contact with the LGBTQmunity.

So here’s a call out to anybody who is keen to get involved or help out. They really are looking to do a lot for this with plans for a ‘Queer Afternoon Tea’ and another event next year for LGBTQ History Month.

If you think you can help, whether it be by donating an object with a story behind it, or with personal experiences, advice, or even just to say hi then please email Siemma via and help make a difference.

Take a look at Emma’s work on Etsy.

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