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Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery

Wondercrump Roald Dahl Crafts
BFG Dream Bottles
Bucket’s Blankets
Danny the Champion Caravans
James’s Giant Insects
Matilda’s Brilliant Books
Mr Twit’s Disgusterous Beard
The Most Enormous Crocodiles

Hands on History
We are currently reviewing all our Hands-on History workshops which are listed below and so at the moment are unable to take any history workshop bookings. We would however be very interested to hear from you to find out what history topics would be most useful to support your teaching. Also if you would like us to let you know about any new history workshops being offered please contact us by emailing learning@buckscountymuseum.org

Any questions about the sessions and how they can be adapted to your specific needs?
Contact the Learning Team and they will talk you through what we can offer
Email: learning@buckscountymuseum.org
Call: 01296 325232

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