Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery Workshop

 Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery Workshop

Just £6.50 per pupil

Available Monday to Friday during Bucks School Terms

Bucks County Museum and Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery are proud to offer the following marvellous 90 minute workshops, led by our Schools Learning Team for only £6.50 per pupil (minimum charges apply).

You can book a morning or afternoon session, start times can vary. A lunch room is available for you to use, free of charge, where your group can store coats and lunches during your visit.

The Gallery offers schools an imaginative and magical educational experience. Aimed at Key Stage 1 and 2, the interactive displays encourage pupils to investigate history, natural history, science and technology through practical hands on activities relating to museum objects.

A typical 90-minute teaching session includes:


  • Introduction to Dahl’s stories, his life, how he wrote his stories and where he got his fantastic ideas from.
  • Hear all about the disgusterous Twits in their filthy upside down room.
  • Act out the scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where poor Augustus Gloop gets stuck in the bubble tube.
  • Investigate underground treasures by crawling through Fantastic Mr Fox’s Tunnel.
  • Discover the world of minibeasts inside James’s Giant Peach.
  • Explore sound with the BFG.
  • Baffle your brains and boggle your eyes with optical illusions
    Your group being shrunk by Mr Wonka’s Chocolate Television Machine just like Mike Teavee. (and if you are really lucky, you or another grown up!)

You can book a morning or afternoon session, start times can vary.

Turn your visit into a wondercrump day out and book another workshop for only £10.50 per child! Choose any of our Roald Dahl Craft or Hands on History Workshops for a day out to remember! 

100_2942Bucket’s Bucks Blankets!

Help Charlie’s bed ridden grandparents see the wonders of Bucks by making a quilt inspired by the Museum and its collections. Your pupils will each get a fabric square which they will decorate using a variety of materials to tell the story of their favourite museum object. The level of sewing in this workshop can be changed as needed.



BFG Dream Bottles

The BFG needs your class’s help! Now that everyone knows about him sharing dreams, he can’t keep up with demand. He needs your class to make fantastic new dreams inspired by their favourite museum object. Once they have written or drawn their dream on a special label, they will then decorate their own BFG dream bottle to represent that dream, creating a unique souvenir to take home.



Danny Champion of the World Caravans

Discover more about Roald Dahl’s action packed life and how he gathered ideas for his stories. Using the Museum’s displays and gardens as inspiration, your pupils will decorate a mini treasure chest in the style of a gypsy caravan so they have somewhere safe to keep mementoes from their adventures.



James’s Giant Insects

Your pupils will discover the amazing world of the Insects James met in the Peach by exploring insects from the Museum’s collections, going on a bug hunt in the Museum garden, and making their own specimens to take home.







Mr Twits Disgusterous Beard

Find out why the Twits are so disgusting and how to make sure you don’t turn out like them! The pupils can then let their imaginations run wild as they create their own disgusting Twits Beard Mirror as a reminder of why they really, really don’t want to be a twit!



Also..The Most Enormous Crocodiles

Using specimens from the Museum’s Natural History collections your class will discover what made the Enormous Crocodile such a perfect predator in both the water and on land. The pupils will then get to make their own Crocodile puppet to take back to school.

Matilda’s Brilliant Book Bags

Using her famous love of books, we let Matilda lead us into a world of exploration around our galleries and exhibitions. Children design their very own canvas book bag to take home and use.