School and group visits

Our Learning Team can offer an amazing day out with your class. As well as providing workshops in the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery, we provide workshops that cover key areas in the new History  Curriculum, which can be tailored to different ages and abilities. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will guide the children through our fascinating workshops and crafts. You just need to bring your pupils and their lunches! We can even provide goody bags of souvenirs for your class at pocket money prices (additional charges apply).

Step 1 – pick your workshops

Book one workshop – £6.50 per child, minimum charge of £185 (prices are for bookings made from January 2018 onwards)
(You can combine one workshop with a FREE self-guided visit to Bucks County Museum)

Book two workshops – – £10.50 per child, minimum charge of £295 (prices are for bookings made from January 2018 onwards)
You can mix and match any of our workshops! For example…

Need to cover Roald Dahl and Art or Literacy during your visit? Book a workshop in the Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery in the morning and one of our Roald Dahl Crafts in the afternoon!

Hands-on History Workshops: If you prefer to cover a history topic on your visit, our History workshops are second to none!

Details of all the workshops we offer can be found in our Schools and Group Visits Brochure  as well as here on the website

Full details on how our workshops are linked to the National Curriculum can be found in our additional booklets – Schools and Group Visits Curriculum Links (see the bottom of the page)

Step 2 – contact the Learning Team
Call: 01296  325232
Online booking form: click here and complete a short form which will be sent to the Learning Team. You should hear from us within 3 working days of receipt

It’s that easy!

Any questions about the sessions and how they can be adapted to your specific needs? Contact the Learning Team and they will talk you through what we can offer
Call: 01296 325232

Other Information:
Schools and Group Visits Brochure
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BCM&RDCG – Year 2 Curriculum
BCM&RDCG – Year 3 Curriculum
BCM&RDCG – Year 4 Curriculum
BCM&RDCG – Year 5 Curriculum
BCM&RDCG – Year 6 Curriculum