Lenborough Hoard update – October


The British Museum has just completed the report on the Lenborough hoard of 5248 Anglo Saxon silver coins, found just before Christmas 2014. The coins are from the kings Ethelred II, and Cnut, and are around 1000 years old.

The completion of the British Museum report means that the coroner can now hold his inquest into whether or not the hoard is legally Treasure. It is possible that the coroner will hold a full court inquest.

If the coins are declared Treasure, the ones that the County Museum currently have on loan will be returned to the British Museum for the valuation process. The Treasure Valuation Committee will commission independent valuations, and these will be circulated to all parties. The final valuation is likely to be determined early next year.

We have so far raised around £5000 in pledges & donations, and more pledge forms are going out. If you would like to make a pledge, or offer other fundraising help, please contact the museum, we would love to hear from you!

Following the valuation, the museum Trustees will have to decide  whether or not to acquire the hoard, and if they do, we will launch a major fundraising campaign.

The British Museum have agreed that we, Milton Keynes Museum, and Buckingham Old Gaol museum can each borrow 200 coins, subject to security checks, during the fundraising, to help people see the coins and raise enthusiasm for keeping them in the county. If we are successful in acquiring the coins, some will be displayed at each of the 3 museums.

We will be approaching major national funding bodies to help with the acquisition, but the more local support we can show, the more they are likely to help us, so even a £5 pledge is really important!

1016 is the year of the death of Ethelred and the accession of Cnut to the throne. Next year, 2016, is the millennial anniversary and it will be the start of our fundraising campaign. Watch this space.

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