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Just before Christmas 2014, a huge hoard of over 5200 silver coins was found by a metal detectorist in a field at Lenborough, a few miles south of Buckingham.

The coins are Anglo-Saxon silver pennies, about 1000 years old, and were made in the reigns of two kings – Canute, and Ethelred the Unready.

If the coins are declared Treasure The county museum is hoping to acquire this important, and very rare hoard. The Coroner, who will decide on if they are legally Treasure, has very kindly allowed us to display a small group of 21 coins, in advance of his inquest. We are hoping that this will help raise awareness of the coins, and how important it is to keep this hoard in the county.

Anglo-Saxon coins are found in England every year, but normally only one at a time, or in small groups of up to 20 coins. This is a much bigger hoard than usual, and it must have been hidden for a special reason, but we don’t yet know what that reason was. It is the 3rd largest Anglo-Saxon coin hoard ever found in England, and is probably the most important find in Buckinghamshire for years. In the county museum, after almost 150 years of collecting finds from Bucks, we have less than 30 Anglo-Saxon coins at the moment.

Although the coins are called pennies, they were much more valuable than a modern penny! Each coin could buy you about the same amount of things as a £20 note would today.

Bucks County Museum would like to acquire the hoard, as they are a very important part of the County’s heritage. Although we will apply for grants to raise a lot of the money, the hoard will be very expensive (we don’t yet know how much, but it is likely to be a substantial amount). We will still need to raise a lot of money locally, and we would really appreciate any help that you can give, to help us keep this incredible find safe for the future.

We are not asking for donations yet, but are asking people to pledge money to the campaign, and when we can start fundraising, later this year, we will get back in touch to ask for the donation.

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Brett Thorn
Keeper of Archaeology