Lenborough Hoard Appeal – We’ve done it!!


This fantastic hoard of over 5,000 Anglo-Saxon silver coins, buried in a field near Buckingham almost 1000 years ago, has been saved for the nation thanks to the hard work of over 400 local donors and substantial grants national sources

Over £50,000 has been raised locally to reward the metal detectorist finder and landowner . The collection which is still at the British Museum and must be recorded for the museum collection when it reaches here should be available on display by the end of February. Lenborough lies between Buckingham and Milton Keynes and plans are being made for displays at Buckingham Old Gaol Museum and the Milton Keynes Museum Trust are being actively discussed following large donations from those areas.

by email: museum@buckscountymuseum.org
by post or in person : County Museum, Church Street, Aylesbury, Bucks, HP20 2QP
by phone: 01296 331441

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