Art of Islam Enrichment Week with Broughton Junior School

Back in January 2016 I was approached by the Art Co-ordinator at Broughton Junior School, Aylesbury to see if there was anything the Museum could provide to help achieve their aims of increasing the children’s knowledge of art and provide them with experiences and skills they may not have otherwise gained over a week in February. As it happened, I was just finishing work on the schools workshops to accompany the Art of Islam exhibition so it was the perfect opportunity to give them a test run, whilst helping the school achieve their aims.

Over the course of four days the entire school of nearly 240 children visited the Museum and participated in two of the three workshops – Year 3 and 5 did the Art of Storytelling and Year 4 and 6 did Islamic Geometric Design. It was a very busy but fantastic week!

The children were perfectly behaved, great fun to work with and a massive help in assisting me refine the workshops. It was lovely to have the children adding to my knowledge of Islam by telling me more about the objects we have on display and helping to improve my Arabic pronunciation! The children’s constructive suggestions on how to refine the workshops have been a great help and I really feel that together we have created a fun, informative and creative set of workshops. They produced some fantastic work, which you can see a selection of in the gallery below.

The teachers were also a great help. It was lovely to get their feedback of how much they and the children enjoyed the workshops and how as well as achieving their art enrichment week aims, the workshops also supported other curriculum areas like maths. I would like to say a big thank you to them for bringing the school to the museum and being so supportive! It was an absolute delight working with you all.

Vicky Scrivens
Learning Manager