An artist with a difference

Clare Newton

Please see Clares exhibition proposal here :  Paralympian; Spirt of Legend Exhibtion

Clare is the strangest artist photographer! We met her yesterday (15.09.15) to discuss her ideas for an exhibition  at the museum – one that I think really ‘flies’ and could be international… Don’t misunderstand me – she is so technically adept and creative  but ‘off beat’ so to speak.  A really nice grounded artist  with a concept for her work that presents paralympic Athletes as Greek mythological figures in settings that are so  strange  and she works on  a MASSIVE scale – up to 4m x 4m and in full colour

Clare NewtonFor the museum this is a must have exhibition and we will work hard to help her tour it – perhaps as a museum promotion

Above is the world record longest photo – One mile long – a bi hard to get around unless you’re airborne!